A tribute to “a Falla for Lancaster”

I have been already more than 8 years promoting Valencia worldwide doing different things and I want to share with you the promotion that we did last weekend from our city and our main Festival: The Fallas Festival– which hopefully will be listed as Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO in a few weeks time.


Regarding Fallas, you can see and check a lot (several years promoting Fallas) at this blog; but let me explain you a little bit about this story (as far as I know)… last year a Fallas artisan (Mario Gual) and our VicePresident from Fallas Management Board (Montse Catalá) travelled to Lancaster (in the north of Manchester) to do a Fallas exhibition at the LightUp Festival… they did it so well that they decided to buy a Falla for their event (which means we exported a Falla!! making history and building up a Falla for first time in UK to be burnt at Bonfire night).


In the middle of this 2 pictures (by the way from Valencia photograph Armando Romero)… we did not only take to UK our art and traditional clothes, we also took there our most international dish: Valencian Paella (of course without chorizo) and our music with a great “marching band” called “La Peris Llapisera”… and all this headed by our new Fallas Queen: Ms. Raquel Alario.

We took to the North of UK all our Mediterranean party mood!



Some more info and pictures can be seen at this article from El Iberico and this article 1 and article 2 from official website www.fallas.com



Valencia, all-year-round!

imageThe summer is over, but the city of Valencia will remain connected to over 50 international Airport this winter season- not just with “point to point” carriers but also with several “flag carriers”.

Many people keeps thinking that we just hub low cost airlines, but they forgot that we have airlines like British Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss or Turkish Airlines. That this year KLM, Aeroflot and Alitalia will have also daily flights. Not to forget Air Nostrum/Iberia or Air Europa/Air France ones…

There are still some connections missing: but the offer is huge. This winter we will have historical new flights to Warsaw and next summer Ryanair confirmed new ones to Scotland and Denmark.


Last week I was happy to be in a new Routes Conference, my 8th one. Meeeting again several Airlines and Airports- working hard to get new routes and keep the ones we have.


imageI am very proud to have helped- together with a big team at Valencia Tourism, together with a whole city- to make this happen. These results have been noticed by International Aviation community and I was again invited to talk at the World Routes Tourism Summit about innovation in Destination Marketing.

Over 4.000 delegates from all the World where at this year Conference in Chengdu, in the most important Route Development Forum that takes part during the year.


As everything is not work… I also had the chance to make some… Some pictures 😉


Valencia at Aeroflot Magazine

Since the beginning of last June Aeroflot Russian Airlines started daily flights from Moscow to Valencia, connecting with several destinations.

During this month of August all passengers from Aeroflot will have the chance to read about Valencia in a great six pages article.

See the full magazine here online.

A great promotion for Valencia, including main attractions (City of Arts and Sciences- in the cover, historical buildings, Fallas Museum, Bioparc, etc.)


Once upon a “flying” dream

wizz2Once upon a dream” is the title of a Disney’s song and it’s going to be also the title from this (very personal) post about a dream from an old child.

This is a blog about marketing and “selling” tools from Valencia destination and there is a very important “selling” tool that has to be inside you: and that’s “dreaming like a child”  and believing in what you do … and definitely doing it with passion, as this passion will be felt by your partners and this will be as important as having the best leaflet, catalogue or the video with the latest technology…

And that’s a tool that can’t be bought with money… well let me tell you about my dream…

Some months ago I saw the model from the future “Falla del Ayuntamiento” (in the upper picture), the most important one in the city (out of Contest), seen by millions of people worldwide… (uups if not knowing what Fallas are, check tag Fallas from my blog) I saw there was a plane there (a Concorde) and thought: it would be great to place our brand for aviation marketing “Fly Valencia”… it was just a dream, a flying dream…when I told my bosses they thought I was a little bit crazy … but probably they did not want to upset me by making me forget my idea… and probably they know I am the kind of person who thinks: “impossible is nothing” and “failing is not that bad, worst is not trying things”.


So I talked with everybody who could influence on the permission to allowing the placement of this brand (which is a brand that benefits all Valencian citizens, companies and organizations) and finally I achieved my dream… with a great brand exposure.

By this post I want to share my happiness by living this dream, thanking all the people that made it possible (the artisan Manolo Garcia, and the people from Fallas Committee Board and Valencia City Council: “gràcies per fer comboi!”, my bosses, my colagues, …) and encouraging you to put passion in everything you do and dream… dream …. as nobody gives you the ability to dream, without giving you the power to make your dreams possible.

And in Fallas dreams come to an end on 19th March at night with fire, what we call “Cremà” (Burning), getting to be part of history and heritage … this is what you can see on this amazing video from Spanish National TV.


And just the next day, on 20th March, Valencians start dreaming again … and that’s why this unique Festival (hopefully) will become listed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural World Heritage in a few months. #FallesUNESCO

Next dream … maybe seeing the brand in a real “flying” plane??

Inside Fallas at Wizz Air Mag

Wizz_portDuring February and March, over 3 million passengers, travelling at 380 routes between 110 cities in 40 countries with Wizz Air will have the chance to read a very complete article about Fallas Festival.

Wizz_indThe journalist goes behind the scenes from famous “Las Fallas” or “Les Falles” (in regional Valencian language).
The Fallas Festival is this year Candidate to be included at the list of Cultural Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO.

Below you can see the map of routes where this article could be read, on board of Wizz Air aircrafts.


The journalist talks to the Fallas Artisan from the Falla that will be assembled (“Plantà”) at the Council Hall square: wizz_txtManolo García; who describes this way the Fallas Festival.

The article from Georgina-Wilson Powell is matched with great pictures from Valencian photograph Armando Romero. Do not hesitate and click the images to read the article.


wizz2More info about Fallas at www.fallasfromvalencia.com and www.visitvalencia.com


Ready for 2016! Happy New Year

This Years instead of sharing my best moments from 2015, let me share with you this Xmas. video with my best wishes for 2016.


I’m really proud of what we achieved during 2015 and I’m looking forward for 2016 to start in a few hours… always with a positive actitude and smiling we will make it a good Year!

See also here this nice Happy New Year greeting from Valencia Tourism, this year with an “aviation touch”… celebrating that we will have over 300.000 new international seats at Valencia Airport: with new destinations and new airlines!


Valencia at Malaysian The Star!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to welcome Abhijay- a young Malaysian who had won a contest organized by Valencia Football Club, with Qatar Airways and The Star Magazine.

A nice video and a couple of stories have been published at The Star, one of leading newspapers in Malaysia, promoting not only our Football Club, but also the city.

Click on the images and see both articles and video.